Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Electronics Unite!

Another week has gone by.

Another song is ready for you. Actually, there are a few, but this one is the shortest, and it's a break from the norm. It's kinda disturbing.

Get Out of My Head

I'm getting all Demented Charles Ives on your asses! (Ok, i appologize, that's probably only amusing to other musicians who know who Charles Ives is)

We're compiling a list of electronic musicians and producers here in greater Portlandia. It's in response to a local 'Music Media Filter' claiming to give fair coverage. In a snide response, this Filter wanted some numbers. Along with a breakdown of the coverage with respect to genre, we're sending them a list of electronic acts that are actually electronic acts, not just Starfucker or Talkdemonic, who seem to be all the local media listens to. Ok, they cover Copy and DAT'R as electronic acts. Politically speaking, I'm not a fan. We'll leave it at that.

Rule of thumb: Sounding 'cutting edge' in Portland means sounding like you're from 1977-83.

So, if you or anyone you know makes electronic music, send me your music name and link. We'll show these uber-hip, anti-hipster-hipsters that there's something out there aside from Indie rock/pop & alt-folk. I recommend some musicians from the other genres of music that get severely overlooked by the pdx media do the same for their respective sounds.

Also, i realized that indie rock/pop is mostly just adult contemporary music made for younger people by younger people. Really, listen to it. Listen to some adult contemporary music. Listen to the indie shit again. They're the same brand of non-offensive safe music. The best of both of them are well written... but there's nothing beyond simple, safe, straightforward songs. Nothing dangerous or progressive about it.

Hell, even Britney Spears (the pop commercially manufactured production team, with Britney Spears the person as the image) pushed limits by using quarter-tones in a commercial pop song. Go listen to “I'm a Slave 4 U.” That's right. Britney Spears pushed musical limits and boundaries and defied convention more than safe Indie Rock/Pop.

And no, not being able to sing in key does not mean you're experimenting with quarter-tones. It means you never bothered to learn how to sing in key.

<3 Noise!

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