Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Hello. Welcome.

Music. What a messed up industry i chose for myself. What a messed up lifestyle i chose for myself.  (Un)Fortunately, it's all i know and i love it.

Quick synopsis of where i am this week:

-Waiting for my CD Godless Music for a Free Mind to finish being duped. I hate waiting. It feels so unproductive.

-Tracking or mixing, every single day. Aside from my EP and LP, there's another 200+/- songs in various states of completion sitting on my hard drives waiting to be utilized.

-Learning songs for Noir City, a band i just joined as their new bassist. This is relatively easy.

-Trying to figure out what's wrong with, and how to fix a piece of gear that's acting up. (Anyone have problems with their Korg microKontrol's joystick using Reason 4? The X-axis moves the pitch bend up about 5-15% when it should be zeroed, and the Y-axis doesn't have full range of motion.) Seemingly endless searching and experimenting, to no avail.

-Talking with PR/Marketing Guru friend of mine Bubbles about taking care of things that i'm not too great at, such as PR & Marketing.

-I'm playing a solo electronic set 7PM Friday evening @ D'Merde, a throwback to the Parisian Salon of the 1800's. A meeting of artistic minds of various mediums.

-Straight from there, i'm running over to help set up and/or do sound for some of my friends' gigs at an art installation at Milepost 5. (And then back to D'Merde. Neither of these are paying gigs, but that's the industry. The possible potential to meet someone who might then possibly offer me a paying gig)

-Teaching myself graphic design. Can't afford to hire a graphic designer, so guess who makes most of his own web fliers and album art, and whatever else needs to be designed?

-Putting together a collaborative live show with other musicians, artists and film makers. More on this.

-Meetings and more meetings, and dealing with the slow pace of the west coast.  Wait, Portland isn't even technically on the coast. Hrmm.

-Remeniscing about the days when i actually made a living from music down in New Orleans.


More to come later. For now, i have to figure out why i wake up at 4:30 in the morning to start my new blog.

<3 Noise!