Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remember when people wrote and read blogs?

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No, like seriously, always on twitter rambling nonsensicalities at the uniburse. Go there, follow me, and laugh.

<3 Prophetnoise

Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Prophetnoise song Featuring President Obama!?!?

It's February! I decided that February rocks. Why, you ask? It's the most efficient month. All the other months take 30 or 31 days to realize themselves. February only needs 28 to be a full month. And then sometimes it needs an extra day to get things done on Leap Year, and it still gets it done in only 29 days. Take that rest of the year!

So, my MIDI controller is fucked again. Not too long ago, there was a problem with the joystick constantly giving random values when it's centered, causing the pitchshift and modwheel of the synths to constantly change. After several attempts by the repair shop to fix the problem, Korg finally took the MicroKontrol back and, since it was discontinued, had to build me a whole new unit. After two full months of waiting, i finally got back the new controller.

Well, the new MicroKontrol only a few months later, is having the EXACT SAME PROBLEM. That makes me a happy guy, only the exact opposite.

So you may or may not have heard this: "You ain't my bitch, nigga! Buy your own damn fries!" -El Prez Obama.

I got a special request to deviate from my "no samples" rule to make a song based around that sample. inspiration comes in various forms, with a side of fries. Thus a song is born. Also, due to the sample, I'm releasing it into the Creative Commons (Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike).

Some rights reserved.

You are free:
-to Share — to copy, distribute and transmit the work
-to Remix — to adapt the work (raw tracks avail upon request)

Under the following conditions:
-Attribution. You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work).
-Noncommercial. You may not use this work for commercial purposes. (excluding live performance of remix or DJ set*)
-Share Alike. If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under the same or similar license to this one.

For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work. The best way to do this is with a link to this web page.

Any of the above conditions can be waived if you get permission from the copyright holder.

Nothing in this license impairs or restricts the author's moral rights.

Here it is: “Chown Damn Fries,” Prophetnoise, feat. President Obama.


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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Albums, Football Playoffs, and Venomous Vegans

I have a question for the vegans out there. This is not meant to be inflammatory. I simply don't know enough to answer this question myself. I also know that the varying levels of vegetarianism have very personal definitions, so there may not be a definitive answer to this.

So, from my understanding, vegans don't eat meat, or animal products. No milk based products, eggs, beeswax. No leather, nothing tested on animals, and for the most part, nothing that has captured or caged animals in its production.

What if a vegan gets bitten by a venomous snake? Do they take the anti-venom? Most anti-venom is made from the snakes' venom. They catch or keep venomous snakes, milk their venom, and derive the anti-venom from the venom.

To my omnivorous brain, it sounds like anti-venom is not vegan friendly. Vegans & vegan experts, is that the case? Will you die before taking an animal derived product to save your life?

Maybe the answer to this is a lot more obvious than i know. Like i said, not a vegan; have no idea.

Today is a few things:

Eagles @ Arizona- Fuck the Eagles. Obviously, i'm a Giants fan. Does it need any more explanation? (Fuck the Giants for goin' out like that too.) And the Cardinals? Oooookay. I saw them trounce the Panthers, i know they're for real. But really, the Cards? At least i think they can beat the Eagles, so, they should do that. Fuck the Eagles. But they're closing the roof in Arizona. Fuck teams with domes. Why the fuck do they need a dome in Arizona anyway?

Ravens @ Pittsburgh- These two teams might kill each other on the way to the bowl. What's the score gonna be, 3-6, with both offenses getting put on the DL? I have band practice today and it's probably going to start while this game is still on. I already told them that i'm going to be 100% distracted. All my instrument cables are fucked, so i use my wireless for playing bass. That's good, because i can stand in front of the TV and watch the game while playing.

CD Baby- I'm going down to drop off my next release @ CD Baby. I'll let everyone know when the EP is available. There will hopefully be a new release every month and a half +/-, for a while.

<3 Noise!

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PS. Fuck the Eagles.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Words, wonderful words!

What's the point of leaving butter out so it stays soft, when it's as cold in here as it is in the fridge?

Anyway, i gots me a new song for yous. It's called “On Acid In Public.” It reminds me of the state in which i found myself when i was younger... way more than it probably should have happened. Groove along to that one; Enjoy.

I've been thinking about some words. Words are wonderful. There are so many of them, and so many awesome ones.

Awkward. I think there's something bizarre about the 'wkw' in awkward. It's peculiar to look at; true to itself.

No. Ok, i know, all those “think positive self empowerment” motherfuckers will tell you that “no” should be erased from your vocabulary; that it's too powerful of a negative word. Fuck them.


Bum on the street: Can you give me some of your hard earned money for no good reason?
Noise: No.

Jackass: Hey, i got a great idea! You lay on the floor and i'll defecate on you!
Noise: No.

Asshole: Let's persecute a people and commit genocide.
Noise: No.

Your Neighbor: We should trust the government/large corporations/everyone else.
Noise: No.

Dumbass: Let's waste our time dedicating ourselves to following the contradictory writings in some book, written by relative retards, thousands of year ago, and then take the obvious metaphors, fictional stories, and outright incorrect information as verbatim irrefutable fact, and claim moral superiority to everyone else while we break our own rules in the name of protecting our book's rules!
Noise: No.

See how wonderful that little word is?

Gastrocnemius. (Gas-trok-nee-mee-us) Essentially, your calf muscle. But say it to yourself, aloud. Raise your fist and say it with valor and conviction. Doesn't that sound cool?

Banana. Ok, there's nothing unusual about this normal word we all say all the time. Or is there? The word banana, broken into syllables, can replace any song's lyrics, chorus, rhythm, or melody. Try it. Wilson Picket: Land of 1000 Dances. AC/DC: Back in Black. Outkast: The Whole World.

My absolute favorite word ever of all time infinity:
The action of throwing someone or something out of a window.
Derivative: verb – defenestrate.
Need i say more?

Ok, i'm gonna go look around Youtube for videos of disco songs until i go to sleep. Should have done that a few hours ago, but you know how we roll 'round here.


<3 Noise!

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Thursday, November 13, 2008


Ok, so i know i said i'd keep up the blog, but i let that go for a little longer than i wanted. To my defense (not that i have to defend myself to you punks) i have been extremely busy.

But, to make up for it, i'm including another fun new song! I know i said the songwriting was on hold, and it kinda is, but the i started this song on monday and liked it so much, i finished it for my show on tuesday! Wheeeee!

Music: Fuck Revolution; Evolve.

I just adopted a new ferret. His mom was moving to a new place and couldn't take him with, so he's here now. The good thing is, she's like family and can come over and be with little Gordo whenever she wants. Yay ferrets!

I wasn't planning on having pets again for a while after Bianca kicked it. That shit was awful, and expensive, and stressful. But we'd rather Gordo stay in the fam, than off to wherever with whomever. And who can resist ferrets? FERRETS!

Here are some other animals i think are fucking awesome in their own crazy bizarre ways:

The Star Nosed Mole

Each of its nose tentacles are individually dexterous and can actually grasp!

The Pistol Shrimp

How fucking sick is that?

The Flamboyant Cuttlefish.

Holy Shit! Super-intelligent, bioluminscent, camouflaging, toxic-lethal flesh, and can fit in the palm of a child's hand!

Tufted Capuchin Monkey

Ok, here's the deal with these monkeys. Yeah, monkeys are smart, we all know that. But, these small monkeys use tools! They find large boulders with flat surfaces. Then they go around knocking certain nuts with rocks to see which ones are ripe. They then drop the nuts onto the ground and let them dry for a few days. They then go back, again, tapping the nuts with rocks or other nuts to see which have dried properly. They then take the nuts to the boulder, and with large crushing stones, sometimes weighing as much as the monkeys themselves, lift up the stones and slam them down onto the nuts, cracking open the hard shell, and revealing the meal inside. Beyond just being cool, the implications are astounding.
1- It was once thought that only higher level apes had the intelligence to use tools. This blows that, and associated theories out of the water. The evolutionary implications are so beautiful.
2- These monkeys will carry the crushing stones for up to 3 miles to get the right stone to their smashing-boulder.
3- This is learned behavior. Again, this is not instinctual, this is learned behavior.
4- The forethought needed to complete this process is amazingly high functioning.
They'll even climb to high places and push large rocks off the edge to scare away predators. That goes beyond fight-or-flight. That's active protection of one's home & feeding area.

I'll let you do your own research.

That's all for now. Have fun. Hope to see you at some of my upcoming shows. (NIN Afterparty in December anyone????)

<3 Noise!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Damn responsibilities! And some awesomeness too.

So, another tuesday, another song. This might be the last one for a while. The events of my life have turned in such a way that i have to dedicate a serious amount of my time to things other than music. This is absolutely necessary, otherwise i wouldn't do it. Also, it's temporary, and without it, i'd probably wind up destitute on the street. That would have much more grave an impact on making music than my current endeavor. I'll keep blogging, because there's always shit going on and i can't let everything lapse.

Also, there are some complete songs i haven't uploaded yet. I might be able to upload those in the meantime.

Some things i'd love to do in the near future, after these other responsibilities are done of course.
Feel free to join in:

-Be part of making a cartoon.
-Be the voice of one of the characters in said cartoon.
-Score the theme and music to said cartoon.

-Take a trip back to NYC.
-Take a trip to anywhere else i haven't been yet.
-Get a bicycle (just in time for the rainy-cold season, right?)

-Fix my truck (it's sooooo close to 300,000 miles)
-Get a new vehicle (that will actually fit my gear and not eat so much gas)
-Road Trip.

-Get some of these new tracks for sale online.
-Increase my collaborations
-Really, for real get my music on some video games or commercials or TV shows, etc.

-Actually see some financial return on my overwhelming efforts.

Music: Depth Charge

And then go the the CD Baby Podcast. My call was featured on episode #037: Roundatble “360 Record Deals” in response to their episode #035 : Roundtable - A New Digital Format for Music? Have a listen to both. (yeah, i know i talk too fast... i'm really trying to enunciate, i swear.) And, it's one of the few podcasts i actually listen to often, so, rock it. Learn from it. Love it. Or just enjoy for now.

=) till next week.

<3 Noise!

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Thursday, October 23, 2008