Tuesday, September 2, 2008

AudioCinema Visual Collective Recovery

I'm pretty well recovered from Saturday. I was running sound & stage managing AC/VC (AudioCinema Visual Collective), their annual event featuring the art of 50 Portland artists, readings from writers, dancers, a fashion show, and bands. From 5PM-3AM, i was keeping 2 stages + the floor in order, plus playing a set of my own music. One stage was lofted upstairs with the board on the floor. The other stage was ground level with the mixing booth up a different set of stairs in a room fondly called 'the Bunker.' I was running up and down stairs all night. Yay exercise!

The night did go smoothly and was a success. We stayed on time, for the most part, even though there was no downtime between sets. The two-edged sword of having two+ stages i suppose. That, plus i'm completely awesome and wouldn't expect anything less. Or so i think...

I can't take all the credit. I have to commend the bands as well. Save one act, they all showed up on time, set up in a timely manner while the other stage was performing, ran either a quick sound-check, or we just jumped into the set and it was worked out by the end of the first song. No prima donnas, no drama. Just great acts to work with.

Note to musicians: Be nice to the sound-person. If i need to explain why, you're going to have a 'frustrating' career.

Also, i'm pretty sure most of the art will be on display until friday. AudioCinema will be open from 12-4PM daily (ring doorbell), and will be open all day for first friday. I suggest stopping in and taking a look.

In other news, Digital Organics on Portland Radio Authority is up and running.
Mike Jedlicka with Optic Echo Presents: Mondays 6-8PM playing Downtempo, Ambient, & Experimental music.
Ana & X24 with Digital Organics: Mondays 10PM-Midnight playing Electronic music including many local (PDX area) artists.

You can listen online from anywhere on the world on P.R.A.'s site or streaming on iTunes. Good times.

This week, a song aptly named. I don't know where this came from, but i guess it was sitting inside my brain somewhere:

Curiously Peculiar

<3 Noise!

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