Sunday, January 18, 2009

Albums, Football Playoffs, and Venomous Vegans

I have a question for the vegans out there. This is not meant to be inflammatory. I simply don't know enough to answer this question myself. I also know that the varying levels of vegetarianism have very personal definitions, so there may not be a definitive answer to this.

So, from my understanding, vegans don't eat meat, or animal products. No milk based products, eggs, beeswax. No leather, nothing tested on animals, and for the most part, nothing that has captured or caged animals in its production.

What if a vegan gets bitten by a venomous snake? Do they take the anti-venom? Most anti-venom is made from the snakes' venom. They catch or keep venomous snakes, milk their venom, and derive the anti-venom from the venom.

To my omnivorous brain, it sounds like anti-venom is not vegan friendly. Vegans & vegan experts, is that the case? Will you die before taking an animal derived product to save your life?

Maybe the answer to this is a lot more obvious than i know. Like i said, not a vegan; have no idea.

Today is a few things:

Eagles @ Arizona- Fuck the Eagles. Obviously, i'm a Giants fan. Does it need any more explanation? (Fuck the Giants for goin' out like that too.) And the Cardinals? Oooookay. I saw them trounce the Panthers, i know they're for real. But really, the Cards? At least i think they can beat the Eagles, so, they should do that. Fuck the Eagles. But they're closing the roof in Arizona. Fuck teams with domes. Why the fuck do they need a dome in Arizona anyway?

Ravens @ Pittsburgh- These two teams might kill each other on the way to the bowl. What's the score gonna be, 3-6, with both offenses getting put on the DL? I have band practice today and it's probably going to start while this game is still on. I already told them that i'm going to be 100% distracted. All my instrument cables are fucked, so i use my wireless for playing bass. That's good, because i can stand in front of the TV and watch the game while playing.

CD Baby- I'm going down to drop off my next release @ CD Baby. I'll let everyone know when the EP is available. There will hopefully be a new release every month and a half +/-, for a while.

<3 Noise!

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PS. Fuck the Eagles.

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kevin said...

I also do not know very much about veganism, but it seems to be utmost respect for life, which leads me to believe that anti-venom would be administered.

Rad music by the way. found it on pandora last night