Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Words, wonderful words!

What's the point of leaving butter out so it stays soft, when it's as cold in here as it is in the fridge?

Anyway, i gots me a new song for yous. It's called “On Acid In Public.” It reminds me of the state in which i found myself when i was younger... way more than it probably should have happened. Groove along to that one; Enjoy.

I've been thinking about some words. Words are wonderful. There are so many of them, and so many awesome ones.

Awkward. I think there's something bizarre about the 'wkw' in awkward. It's peculiar to look at; true to itself.

No. Ok, i know, all those “think positive self empowerment” motherfuckers will tell you that “no” should be erased from your vocabulary; that it's too powerful of a negative word. Fuck them.


Bum on the street: Can you give me some of your hard earned money for no good reason?
Noise: No.

Jackass: Hey, i got a great idea! You lay on the floor and i'll defecate on you!
Noise: No.

Asshole: Let's persecute a people and commit genocide.
Noise: No.

Your Neighbor: We should trust the government/large corporations/everyone else.
Noise: No.

Dumbass: Let's waste our time dedicating ourselves to following the contradictory writings in some book, written by relative retards, thousands of year ago, and then take the obvious metaphors, fictional stories, and outright incorrect information as verbatim irrefutable fact, and claim moral superiority to everyone else while we break our own rules in the name of protecting our book's rules!
Noise: No.

See how wonderful that little word is?

Gastrocnemius. (Gas-trok-nee-mee-us) Essentially, your calf muscle. But say it to yourself, aloud. Raise your fist and say it with valor and conviction. Doesn't that sound cool?

Banana. Ok, there's nothing unusual about this normal word we all say all the time. Or is there? The word banana, broken into syllables, can replace any song's lyrics, chorus, rhythm, or melody. Try it. Wilson Picket: Land of 1000 Dances. AC/DC: Back in Black. Outkast: The Whole World.

My absolute favorite word ever of all time infinity:
The action of throwing someone or something out of a window.
Derivative: verb – defenestrate.
Need i say more?

Ok, i'm gonna go look around Youtube for videos of disco songs until i go to sleep. Should have done that a few hours ago, but you know how we roll 'round here.


<3 Noise!

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Jennifer Juniper said...

Awesome. I think I like you just a bit more now for this post. I believe we spoke of "awkward" once before. Awesome. No examples. Also awesome.

I learned of defenestrate from my roommate who had it written on a dry-erase board when we first moved in. Fantastic word. Funnily enough, I think it's actually gaining popularity as a word. I think I heard it on Family Guy or somesuch and also it's "superpoke" choice on facebook. Weird.

One of my favourite words is actually in Russian. Phoenetically: poshchochina (sorta), which means "slap in the face." :)!! Love the specificity of that!!!!

Prophetnoise said...

Defenestrate better gain in popularity! One might not realize how useful that word is on a daily basis.

It even has its place in world history. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defenestrations_of_Prague
The Defenestration of Prague

Go Giants!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Oh holy shit yeah! Last night's game was awesome!

Wearing my Manning jersey today, of course! ;-)