Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This n That n Whatever You Want.

Remember Tron?

Remember the Light Cycle game? Little bikes that left a wall of impenetrable light behind them, turning only at 90 degree angles?

Armagetron Advanced is the best fucking game ever. EVER!

Open source (free+), 3-D, fast paced, simple, editable, beautiful; play solo vs AI, online, LAN; it's cross platform, ported for Mac OSX, Linux (Ubuntu, RPM Package, Bin package), BSD (i386 and sparc64), Windows (for all the chumps out there,) and sourcecode for those who want to compile for their system. Yeahhhhh.

I used to rock this game on my linux boxes. I recently caved and installed it on my 2 Macs.

Digital Organics has a new website up. It's going to be a growing, interactive website with music, 360 degree photos, art, information on upcoming events, and the possibility of a Hans Button. What's a Hans Button? Well, you'll just have to wait and see. But, i'll be sure to update you.

I never thought i'd be so in love with a web browser, but when i switched to Opera a few years ago, there was no turning back. Opera 9.6 is out. It's fucking amazing. I know what you're thinking. I use Firefox, and that's awesome, and my extensions! How will i live without my Firefox Extensions? Opera, which comes pre-loaded with most of the features you have to plug into Firefox, is faster than bare-bones Firefox. Just download it and see for yourself. It's free.

And the features... Have multiple computers? Opera Link will automatically sync your bookmarks, custom search engines, typed history, and speed-dial across all your computers, and on your phones using Opera Mobile.

Wait, custom search engines? Yeah, instead of going to a whole new web-page, or moving the damn mouse all the way over to your little Google Toolbar, i either open a new tab, or press F8 to get to the URL line, and type “g Prophetnoise.” Opera will do a Google search for “Prophetnoise.” That works with Ask or Yahoo, or Bit Torrent or, well, anything you set it up to do.

Wait, typed history? Yeah, remember that web page you were on a few hours ago at home? No? But you need to go back and look at it again on your laptop at a client's? Type any word that was on that page and Opera will give you a list of all websites you visited that contain that word. Viola, there it is again.

Wait, Speed Dial? Yeah, Opera lets you have your blank page/tab laid out with 9 of your most visited websites. That way, at any point in time, you just hit Apple (mac) [ctrl (win)] + the Speed Dial number; bam, that website. You can also edit the code to increase your Speed Dial to as many boxes as will fit in your window. Google “Opera Speed Dial Hacks.” I'm using 22 of my 25 speed dial boxes.

Mouse Gestures. You can turn on mouse gestures and control the browser with simple mouse movement. People seem to love mouse gestures. Look them up. Personally, i hate using the mouse. Opera is fully customizable as far as shortcut keystrokes. I barely have to use the mouse when i browse. I set it up to use numbers 1 & 2 to scroll through tabs (which can be previewed by placing the mouse over the tab.) That alone makes me love this browser. Speaking of tabs, i know it's old news, but Opera was the first browser to do Tabbed Browsing. Opera has a lot of firsts in the browser world.

There's RSS and Mail clients, and zoom, and tons of features i don't even use that you'll probably love too.

It's also more secure and reliable than Firefox. And there's widgets. Look at the comparison charts yourselves.

And i'm sure there's some of you who are all, “Firefox? I use Safari/Camino/Konquerer/Chrome/etc.!” Well that's fine. I still think Opera's better. But whatever. Give a little time and i think you'll love it too.

And then there's the lot of you who are all, “Firefox? Safari? Other browsers? I use Internet Explorer!” I'm sorry to hear that. I wish you the best of luck in your computing. You're going to need it. Don't have any vital information on your computer, and don't ask me why your 6 month old computer is running like shite. Just dealing with the spyware/malware/adware will be enough for you to worry about, I won't even begin to explain rootkit attacks.

Since this seems to be a blog about computer stuff, more ways to spend your days laughing till it hurts, or generally wasting your time on the internets:
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This week's song: Methane Sunset.

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