Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dave Coulier is Just Wrong

The new MacBook Pros came out today. I have total computer-penis envy. The silly thing is, my 2 (two) computers are probably still, individually better and more powerful than a majority of what's out there in the public, yet i'm never satisfied. Stupid techno-holism; i'm so going to have a room full of old computers one day. And, they're all going to be used for something.

This is for all you musicians, engineers, and producers out there:

-I'm looking for peculiar 'tricks' or methodologies you have while composing or mixing or creating music. I've developed my own methods and i'm always curious how others do the same tasks differently, and why.

For instance, when i'm done with a mix, i always listen to it really fucking low volume. There's nothing special about that 'trick'. If you have it just low enough to hear, and you can hear everything clearly, you probably have a pretty good mix. Then, when i'm confident about the mix, i turn up to a decent volume and leave the room. It seems, no matter what room, if you listen to the mix just a few feet outside the doorway, you get a great balanced representation of your mix; any problems will jump out. I don't know if anyone else does this, and if you do, i'd love to know how you found out.

I found out by accident back in school. I had a mix of mine playing in the control room, and went into the hallway to talk to someone. The door was open and a professor passing by stopped and said, “That mix sounds great.” Then i realized, “Oh shit, it does.” I started checking various mixes of my own and my friends the same way in various rooms and hallways and found it worked pretty damn consistently.

I also like to close the program and open iTunes and listen to a few random songs intermittently during various parts of the composition and mixing processes. Mixed with good chunks of silence, it helps to 'clear my ears' from the same thing, over and over for a few hours.

Also, i was recently told, that obnoxious Alanis Morissette song “You Oughta Know,” where she's throwing a hissy fit that some guy is with some other chick... you know the one from like 14 years ago, “...will she go down on you in a theater?” Yeah, that one. I fucking hate that song. Anyway, i just found out she's singing about Dave Coulier (Joey Gladstone from Full House.) All i know is, that's just wrong. Everything about that is wrong and it makes me feel weird on the inside.

That's all for now. The Rays-Sox game starts soon... priorities people!

This week's song: The Mirror.

<3 Noise!

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bubbles said...

I like to sum my mix down to mono, then back a few times. Your mix should sound the same, just better(bigger, spacious, what have you). If your mix has balence issues you'll hear it this way.