Saturday, June 28, 2008

Duality of Music

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I'm often comparing myself to musicians whom i consider to be 'the great ones.' Many of my friends say i'm too hard on myself but, one doesn't achieve greatness by striving for mediocrity. By holding myself to the same standards as the great ones, i too hope to someday be on par with those who've made musical history.

I feel, as musicians, as artists, it is our responsibility to ourselves and our art-forms to strive for excellence. Mediocrity is not an option.

And therein lies my conundrum. The western world is peculiar in the fact that only musicians are 'allowed' to make music. In most other cultures, music is either an interactive communal activity, or a very personal experience. Tribes get together, sing and dance, and there are no "professionals." Mourners in South America sing to their deceased relatives alone from hilltops as a spiritual experience. Yet, here in the western world, should someone sing a song to themselves, or even make up their own song, they're teased or thought to be odd.

I think that's obscene. Music and art should be accessible to everyone. There's no reason why any of us can't enjoy ourselves by making music. Everyone should be able to experience the pleasures of creating music and art. There's no reason why only professional musicians can enjoy making music.

But alas, how can i demand musical perfection yet still have music be accessible to everyone? I'm not a fan of paradoxical states of being. I'd love some feedback on this.

Good news though, yesterday i went down to CDBaby and the lovely Deena B got the ball rolling on my full length album Godless Music for a Free Mind. It should be available for sale online soon. Until then, feel free to rummage around my various online homes to find some streaming samples of my music.

There's also pictures up from Digital Organics: Manifestation Facilitator presents end.user @ the Station. Myspace blog. iLike pics.

Here's a little hint for all you concert-goers out there. If you order a burrito and the venue microwaves it, and the microwave zaps the the PA and Video gear, don't insist on another burrito. Figure out something else to eat or get your money back. And if you do insist on another burrito, and for some reason they microwave it again, and the microwave proceeds to fry the circuit-breaker, causing most electrical systems to shut down, and then we hustle to get things working again, and then the music finally comes back on, and everyone is happy, except for some reason you're angry that we got the music and visuals working again, don't throw your burrito at the man who put the whole show together. Not a fucking good idea. Just in case that's what anyone was planning on doing. I don't think any of you would actually be doing that, right?

Until next time, lovelies. (soon i'm going to have some insight as to how i got the name Noise)

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